Friday, March 20, 2009

Things we'll be clearer about come Monday...

1 Ireland's place in rugby terms
It's all been great fun this six nations, all cheery goodwill and feelgood backslapping. Yet lose in Wales tomorrow and it could all turn nasty damn quickly, the chokers tag will be dragged out and the doom and gloom will seep back in. This Ireland group have underachieved for the hype and garlands that've fallen their way - no grand slam, no championships, awful world cups - and there's a feeling that they need this achievement to make their legacy a decent one. O'Driscoll/ O'Connell/ O'Gara are the leaders of this group and much as they'll dismiss the expectation, they'll know this to be the case.
It's a test as well. Wales will be up for this and on their evening can swing the ball around with serious gusto and rhythm. They'll punch holes if they're let and have tries in them. But they've not had the same fluency this season as last and might come unstuck if Ireland slow things down and make it a scrappy affair. Jumpthefence has a feeling one of these teams will open up and win by +15 points with a feed of tries. We're just not sure which one.

2 Bernard Dunne's steps to greatness
Ah, we're a bit of a sceptic on Dunne, we'll come straight out. He's not mixed it up in anything like the circles that Ricardo Cordoba has and we've been fed too much bull about his world-class status after he's polished off yet another no-hoper. His chin was shown as suspect by Martinez, and though he's quick and skilful and techically excellent, he's not got the power to knock anyone decent either. Cordoba's a real fighter, with serious class, great hands and speed, and there's a possibility Dunne could be brought to school Saturday night. Unlikely to be a knockout either way (unless Cordoba wears Dunne out) but I'd say a points win for Cordoba, as long as he keeps his nerve and heart.

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