Friday, January 16, 2009

People overreaching on Friday?

Some random musings from this morning's headlines...

a It seems Kaka to Man City could in fact be a goer - see previous blog to know just why that possibility pains me - with Milan pondering the riches (wouldn't you?) and the boy himself surely at least a little curious and apparently also somewhat frustrated with his role at Milan in these Ronaldinho days. It all reeks of Fantasy football, where you'd discover some cheat that'd get you 100m to spend and then bid for all the best players in Europe. The pity is that the market was just nearly getting back to realistic levels after Chelsea's splurging of 2003-06, and now we've got possibly the first 100m footballer, earning something like £500k a week. It's disgusting money, it really really is vulgar in the extreme.

b Rafa's turned down the latest contract offer from the lads across the pond. Much as I'd like to be going against the Americans here, is there not a case for them to worry about Benitez having full control over signings? Particularly when you look at Robbie Keane (£20m in summer, now doesn't trust him to score goals and clearly not first choice) and Andrea Dossena (£9m in summer, can't defend to save his life, also untrusted now) from last summer's transfers.

c Amir Khan v Marco Antonio Barrera looks an odd choice from the Khan camp. Okay, Barrera won't have the explosive power of Breidis Prescott but the Mexican will bring the sort of street smarts, experience and strength that's seen off a whole pile of young upstarts over the years; just ask a certain Prince Naseem Hamed. In ways it's a brave move to throw the 22-year-old into the ring with such a polished performer as Barrera - they're clearly hoping the Mexican (35 now and after serious losses to Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in recent times) will be too slow, old and light to trouble the hyped-up Englishman. This could come back to bite them on the ass.

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