Thursday, December 4, 2008

An introduction

So, an introduction and perhaps, a mission statement to begin. Jumpthefence will attempt to offer thoughts, musings, ramblings, facts, fictions, opinions, rants and other random groupings of words on whatever tickles our fancy on Irish sport over the coming months. These will hopefully be pretty regular, though we'll refrain from making and breaking too many promises too soon. We'd imagine football - anything Irish related, English and European leagues also - will be high up on the list of subjects covered. Gaelic football and hurling will have their times. Rugby will most likely get an infrequent, and let's be honest from the start here folks, very possibly negative airing. We'll hope to touch on whatever else is topical as things happen.
We'll do our best to be informative. We'll not sit on the fence too often. We may share the occasional bias with the outside world from time to time and we might spout a little too frequently on matters Cork GAA or on whether Cristiano Ronaldo is the best thing since oh, Tony Daley. We may even call Cristiano Ronaldo a bluffer if it feels right. We'll do our best not to be cynical, though occasional bouts will be expected, especially when Cork footballers lose to Kerry. We'll try to be consistent, while remembering how Oscar Wilde and Eamonn Dunphy treat consistency. We'll try and make calls on the issues of the day whenever possible.
Chat and comments are always welcome, especially people who agree with Jumpthefence, though those angling for a good argument will be treated like members of the family.

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